Rover Advisers build open and honest relationships with Rover Scouts in order to allow them to maximise their Social, Physical, Intellectual, Character, Emotional and Spiritual development.

First approved at the 2007 NRC Conference, the NRC started refreshing the Rover Adviser (RA) Expectations document at NRC Conference 2021.

Just as it sounds, RA Expectations spells out what is expected of a RA from their Unit/Council; the review was undertaken to ensure it fits current needs.


While role statements have existed for many roles in Scouting for a long while, the Rover Scout section agreed that it would be useful to have a common standard for what is needed from Rover Advisers in Scouts Australia today.

Through 2006, the NRC Exec, BRC Chairs and BRC Advisers worked on the wording for this (with input from others) as part of NRC and Rover Program meetings. The work was led by Craig Whan (Victorian Branch RA).

Rather than just focus on actions/deliverables, the document talks to the skills, behaviours, approach and mindset required of an effective RA. Through bringing some of the key elements into a common standard, Rovers and their Advisers could ensure that the final development stage of the youth sections was appropriately supported by RAs.

Rover Adviser expectations - updated by the NRC in July 2022

Refreshing for today

As part of the 2021 NRC Conference, a workshop was held to explore the current needs of RAs themselves, and their Rovers of them as RAs. The feedback informed development of a few actions, and an initial update to the RA Expectations document.

The draft updates to RA Expectations were shared with the Branch RAs, to RAs who joined the Rover Advisers Australia group on Facebook (encourage your RA to sign up), and then a further workshop at NRC Conference 2022 with Rover Scouts and RAs.

The proposed updated RA Expectations was approved at the July 2022 NRC Remote meeting in July 2022, and will be updated in the NRC By-Laws (Part III: National Rover Council – Guidelines, Rover Adviser Expectations). The NRC also agreed to add this new page and the document on our website (s please link to this version- rather than older copied you may have).

Units and their RAs – discussing expectations

Branches are encouraged to help make sure Units are considering the RA Expectations, and discussing it with their RA. Over the second half of 2022,  Branch and Region Rover Councils are asked to discuss the update, the importance of this, and encourage Units to discuss it too.

The NRC continues to explore supports for RAs, including identifying suitable support materials to help them stay across the needs of Rover Scouts today, and will workshop this at NRC Conference in 2023. Please consider this, and pass on any suggestions/feedback to your Branch RA and the NRC Adviser (Patrick McCormick).

Being an RA is a privilege, as they get to support youth members in their final stage of the youth development journey, taking on full leadership of their section. Reflecting on expectations, and discussing them with your Unit/Council periodically, is critical to ensure you best support Rover Scouts reaching their full potential.