NRC External Review

The NRC Review has now concluded.

The Review Team has completed their final report examining the functions, processes and structures of the NRC, which the NRC is now implementing.


 What is the NRC External Review?

At the 2019 National Rover Council (NRC) Conference, a series of systemic issues facing the NRC were identified. As a result the NRC has engaged an external review team to examine the NRC, its function, processes and structures.

The purpose of the NRC review is to improve the effectiveness of the NRC and its governance structures in order to deliver better outcomes for Rover Scouts in Australia.

The Review Team will examine:

  • The structure and functions of the NRC;
  • NRC meetings (online and in person), including voting systems;
  • Communication platforms and systems;
  • Document management systems;
  • Project management practices;
  • By-laws and governance documentation.

The final report and recommendations of the Review Team were presented to the NRC in May 2021 and voted on in June 2021. To read the final report please contact your Branch Rover Council.


Consultations undertaken:

Contact the Review Team:

If you have any questions about the NRC review you can contact the Review Team at