NRC External Review

The NRC Review Team want to hear from you!

The NRC has engaged an external Review Team to examine and report on the functions, processes and structures of the NRC to ensure it is meeting the needs and expectations of Rover Scouts now and into the future.


What is the NRC External Review?

At the 2019 National Rover Council (NRC) Conference, a series of systemic issues facing the NRC were identified. As a result the NRC has engaged an external review team to examine the NRC, its function, processes and structures.

The purpose of the NRC review is to improve the effectiveness of the NRC and its governance structures in order to deliver better outcomes for Rover Scouts in Australia.

The Review Team will examine:

  • The structure and functions of the NRC;
  • NRC meetings (online and in person), including voting systems;
  • Communication platforms and systems;
  • Document management systems;
  • Project management practices;
  • By-laws and governance documentation.

The final report and recommendations of the Review Team will be presented to the NRC ahead of the 2021 NRC Conference.


Current consultations:

Contact the Review Team:

If you have any questions about the NRC review you can contact the Review Team at

Meet the Review team: 

  • Chris has had 30 years’ experience in senior management and consulting in multinational corporations and government authorities. He has taken on various Senior Project Manager roles related to technology and IT infrastructure consultancy. Throughout his work life, he has participated in reform discussions and conferences across organisations such as the UN, the Australian government, and Scouts Victoria. Chris spent eight years as a Rover, 15 years as a Rover Advisor, and six years as an Assistant State Commissioner Rovers in Victoria. He was also the State Commissioner – Development for three years and is currently a member of the Branch Executive Committee.


  • Clinton has 25 years’ experience in the oil & gas industry both onshore and offshore. He is a Senior Consultant Process Engineer and has an extensive background in leadership of multi-disciplinary engineering teams. His current work involves Hazard Study Facilitation and Hazard and Operability Studies within this industry. Clinton is currently a member of the Audit and Governance Board Sub-Committee, and a Group Leader. He was the WA Branch Rover Adviser between 2012 and 2015, Project Commissioner – Rover Development, and was WA’s Deputy Chief Commissioner, Strategic Services. Clinton was also a Rover for eight years, and the WABRC Chair.


  • Jay is a senior policy officer based in Canberra. He has previously worked on four performance audits at the Australian National Audit Office (ANAO). The ANAO is a specialist public sector agency which assesses government agencies and programs to ensure work is being undertaken in a manner that is economical, efficient, effective, and in accordance with policy and legislation. Jay was a youth member in Victoria for 10 years, including membership for 12 months in the Rover Section, and has been a Scout Leader for the past five years in the ACT. He has undertaken Advanced Training in the Scout Section and holds a Wood Badge.


The NRC Review Team are requesting submissions in response to the Discussion Paper: Functions and structure of the National Rover Council.


Submissions will be accepted until 14 October 2020 via email to