Moot Buddies

Moot Buddies is a financial assistance program, run by the National Rover Council to provide help to Rover Scouts who under other circumstances would not be able to attend a National Rover Scout Moot due to financial restrictions.


The Moot Buddies Scheme is only available to Australian Rover Scouts. International applicants may refer to the Scouts Australia International Office for other funding opportunities.


  1. The applicant is a current registered & financial Australian Rover Scout within their Branch. 
  2. The applicant must have submitted an application to attend the National Moot
  3. The applicant must be attending the National Moot in a participant capacity
  4. The applicant must have paid the deposit in full set out by the National Moot Organising Team by the Moot Buddies application closing date
  5. The applicant must select expeditions in the lowest third price range
  6. The applicant must have their Moot Buddies Application endorsed by their Unit Leader
  7. The applicant must not have previously been funded through the Moot Buddie Scheme.


  1. The extent that the applicant is actively involved in their Rover Units program.
  2. Their contribution to the community (either inside or outside of scouting) the applicant has made in the last 12 months.
  3. The level of fundraising the applicant have done towards attending the National Moot
  4. The degree of financial hardship the applicant would face in attending the National Moot if supported through the Moot Buddies Scheme.


  1. Apply for attendance at the next Moot and receive a Moot ID Number
  2. Complete a Moot Buddies Application Form.
  3. Discuss with your Unit Leader or Rover Adviser and ask them to be a reference.
  4. Application is submitted to the NRC Vice Chair.