As adults in Scouting, Rover Scouts have the access to a wide variety of training. This training includes the Baden-Powell Scout Award Scheme, adult training, and specialist training in. All aspects of training in the Rover section are optional and taken at the trainee’s own pace and adopt the Scout method of Learning by Doing.

Adult Training

Just like section Leaders, Rover Scouts have two levels of training Basic and Advanced. These courses are done at the trainee’s own pace and can be transferred over to Section Leader qualifications once the Rover leaves the section or whilst they are still in Rovers. For more information on training course dates, contact your Branch Training Officer.


Rover Basic Training

The first of the structured training courses available to Rover Scouts is the Rover Basic Training. The course is delivered in a blended format including self-paced online training, on the job training, and a residential practical component. The aims of the course are to equip Rovers with a base level of knowledge that is needed to run a successful Unit. The course also includes components on outdoor skills, program development, and Unit governance. In Scouting, it is common for committee chairs and council executive members to have a minimum of Basic Rover Training. Upon the completion of the Rover Basic training, trainees are awarded a Certificate of Adult Leadership and Gilwell Woggle.


Rover Advanced Training

The Rover Advanced training builds on the Basic training and the experiences of the Rover Scout undertaking the training. Like the Basic course, the Advanced course is delivered in a blended format with self-paced online training and a residential practical component. The focus of the Advanced course is leadership; how to get the most out of yourself and others. The course covers components on leadership, motivations, counselling principles, and incorporating Scouting fundamentals into the program. Upon the completion of Rover Advanced training, trainees are awarded their Woodbeads in the Rover Section.


Specialist Training

As a Recognised Training Organisation (RTO) the Scouts Australia Institute of Training (SAIT) offers a number of VET recognised courses in a number of different areas. States are also able to offer specific adventurous activity training in rock climbing, bushwalking, skiing, and many more activities. Contact your Branch Training Office for more information on the courses available in your State. For more information on the VET courses offered by Scouts, visit the training website or contact your Branch Training Officer.