National Rover Council

The National Rover Council (NRC), first formed in 1979, is the governing body of Rovers in Australia. The NRC represents the interests of each of the Branch Rovers Councils and Rovers in Australia at a National Level, aiming to develop and support the Rover program in Australia.

NRC Executive

The NRC Executive are peer-elected by the Branch delegates at the annual National Rover Council Conference. The NRC Executive take on the day to day operation of the NRC and are responsible for following up on decisions made at the meetings, liaising with the branches on the development and implementation of Rover initiatives, representing Rovers at National committees and councils, and representing Australian Rovers at international Scout forums and conferences. The core NRC Executive is comprised of a Chair, Vice-Chair, Training Officer, and Secretary. The NRC may also choose to create roles for specific projects and events such as Roverscope or the Rover Centenary.