Rover Challenge

Rover Challenge grant applications are now open!

Are you planning community projects or wishing to undertake Outdoor Adventure Skills training? Wanting some funding to kick-start your journey? Apply for a Rover Challenge Grant now!


What is the Rover Challenge Fund?

The purpose of the Rover Challenge Fund is to encourage Rover Units to further develop their program by challenging themselves and pushing their boundaries. Rover Challenge Fund grants are available to groups of registered Rover Scouts who are planning community projects or wishing to undertake specific Outdoor Adventure Skills courses. Examples of these initiatives are: Wilderness First Aid Courses, Adventurous Activity Instructor Courses and community projects. The grant is not designed to fund entire projects but is there to provide the initial funding for start-up costs. The activity group will need to provide both a final report and invoices for the activity that a grant has been provided for.


Please send questions to the NRC Vice Chair at   

The Grant:

The NRC has made available $1000 to be divided up between successful applicants every six months. Applications are open all year round with each round having cut-off as listed below.

2021 Round 1: Applications Close 30 June 2021

2021 Round 2: Applications Open 1 August  Close 31 December 2021

2022 Round 1: Applications Open 1 February – Close 30 June 2022 

The selection process: 

The NRC Vice Chair will form a selection panel to review all applications and make a decision on which application to endorse and how the available funding will be divided. Unsuccessful applicants will be asked if they would like their application to be considered for the next round of funding.